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South Australia is, roughly, the southern half of the strip of land between Western Australia and the eastern mainland states. Planned British settlement began in 1836 under Governor John Hindmarsh.

The Capital of South Australia is Adelaide.

Largest city outside of the Greater Adelaide Metropolitan area is the mining town of Whyalla, "where the outback meets the sea". It also has whales.


  • The Northern Territory used to be part of South Australia, meaning South Australia was both North and South, they sold the land to the Federal Government where the Northern Territory is today as they couldn't financially support themselves with the land.
  • South Australia is the last state in Australia where Grade 7 is still in Primary School, not Middle/High School.
  • South Australia was award winning wine (18 wine regions).
  • Adelaide was voted Australia's most livable city.
  • Adelaide is the seafood capital of Australia.
  • Only mainland state with an ALP government. PM Mr Jay Weatherill.
  • South Australia exports the most Opal in Australia in bulk from the Opal mining town Coober Pedy.


ALP 26 Lib 18 Ind 3 (Lower house)

In the upper house, there are 2 representatives of the No Pokies party of Mr Nick Xenephon.

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