The capital of Western Australia is Perth. A city of about 2 million people. It was established in 1829. Situated on the banks of the Swan River, Perth is a modern and progressive and city. It was also recently rated the fifth most livable city in the world.

Western Australia has the earliest known contact from Europeans. In 1616, the Dutch explorer Dirk Hartog landed at what is now Cape Inscription.

Driving in Western Australia[edit | edit source]

Department of Transport (DoT) is the Western Australian government body which does the vehicle registration and issue driving licences in Western Austral. When you are driving in WA, you vehicle needs a valid Australia Vehicle Registration. You will need to register your vehicle with DoT if you purchase a new or used vehicle in WA. You can view a list of DoT branches here and services in different branches vary. Therefor its important you check the visiting branch if they provide the service you looking for before you visit.

Public Transport in WA[edit | edit source]

Unlike other Australian cities Perth's public transport is not so great as it may take a long journey to reach a place that is few minutes drive by car. Many routes involves you going to the city centre before you catch the connecting train or bus to your final destination and might involve couple of transfers and waiting for the service. TransPerth provides public transport in the Perth Metro area.

Renting a Car in Western Australia[edit | edit source]

As WA is a large compared to other Australian states, most of small towns and cities are dispersed across the state and majority of them are at the Western coast. There if your are looking to explore WA, best of option is rent a car a drive. There are many car rental places in Perth and also near Perth Airport. You might find its cheaper to rent cars from locations outside the airport as theres is no airport levy or surcharge from those location. There are any multinational and local car rental companies in Perth. When hiring cars from Perth Airport look for companies offering free airport shuttle as some may charge an extra $ per person where as other provide the service free.

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